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Cross Keychain

Cross Keychain

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From Denay:

If theirs only 1 thing you can purchase from me please purchase a handmade cross made by my grandpa/dad. I didn’t have a mom or dad. My grandma and grandpa took me in when I was born, my grandpa isn’t blood he is married into the family. But he loves me as his own. He is the 1 person I look up to! He took all 3 of us in and supported us financially. He’s such a hardworking man I just know him being in a chair all day is killing him. Unfortunately he had to get surgery on his neck, obviously not being able to work. Oh trust me he found something to do in that chair, as soon as his hand recovered he got to work making crosses. Here’s the thing I told him I could sell them & yes I made a few orders but this man made so many. The pressure is real. I have limited quantities, they are all different colors please comment your top 3 fav colors on order and I will do my best to accommodate! Colors will vary order to order & of course are made with love. He goes back into surgery April 19th. I appreciate the support. 

From My Grandma, what happened:

He hurt himself at work he reported it 1 day to late & workers comp wasn’t covered. One morning he fell at 2am the fire dept had to come and pick him up, so that evening they took him to university hospital. His neck was starting to paralyze him, his vertebrates were so compounded that they were compressed. So it was cutting off the fluid of the spinal cord and the brain couldn’t talk to each other. They had to infuse 6 compressed vertebrates, he has 2 rods and 12 screws. Because of the neck compression he was headed to being paralyzed from his neck down. He had to learn to walk again, he had no feeling in 1 leg. He couldn’t use his arm from what had happened at work. His last fall was 9/9 @2am, by 9/11 he was in surgery the first time. 6 months later in March they got the approval that he could go forward w his arm w private insurance. Today as I’m writing this 04/19 he completed his 2nd surgery the doctors repaired 3 torn tendons and rotor-cuff damage. Thank god they were able to fix them & he is now on another road to recovery for 6 weeks until he can start therapy. This has forced him to retire from a job he loved doing. 

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